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12 Week Batman Challenge - March 1 to May 27 2003


Buh-bye thighs. They went from 24" to 21 3/4".


Yeah, this is the part where I kick myself for not officially entering, but I'm Ms. Goals Suck Challenges are Icky. Who knew I'd finish!


Yes, there's a little monster sitting on the sub-woofer. That's my gargoyle, Mal.



Building the Terminator Arms


My first Body for Life 12 week challenge, 01/20/00 to 04/12/00.

Amazing Butt-Be-Gone Sequence


My first Body for Life 12 week challenge, 01/20/00 to 04/12/00.


Before - 09/25/01


I started a new 12 week challenge on 9/25/01. These are before photos! At this rate, I ought to look like a comic book super hero by the middle of December. I'm going to focus on getting a lot more definition in my legs, but my main goal this time - Abs like a cheese grater, baby! Abs like a cheese grater! That's my new motto and I laugh everytime I think it. This time last year I wanted abs like Batman. I've gone from idolizing super heroes to kitchen gadgets. Scary...

Week 4 - 10/23/01


If the abs thing doesn't workout, clearly we could grate cheese on my back instead... holy crap!


Well, I seem to have misplaced my head again, but the legs and torso are coming along nicely. In the first 4 weeks I've lost a grand total of 1 pound on the scale, but my body fat has dropped 2%, which makes it either 13%, 16% or 19.9% depending on which method I use. I think I'm looking a little bit leaner than when I started.


I guess the abs are looking pretty good for a normal human, but they don't look like Batman's abs yet, and you certainly couldn't grate cheese on them. Give me another 8 weeks and we'll see what happens!

Week 8 - 11/20/01


8 weeks, ho-hum, diddly-dum... I have hit the dreaded, slump, plateau, quicksand, whatever you want to call it. I don't think anything is happening. I don't think I care. I even forgot to flex. So, apparently, that's what my normal human back looks like when I cloak my freakazoid super powers.

I'm a moron...(8 weeks, part 2)


It has just been pointed out to me, by like 4,000 angry women, that there is in fact improvement. I just can't see it because I'm too fixated on kitchen gadgetry (i.e., insane) and not actually looking at myself. They said some silly thing about why don't I put the same pose side by side, one from today and one from 8 weeks ago. GREAT GOOGLYMOOGLY!!! They're right!! Look at that! Where did my @ss go?? My abs shrunk! There is a twiggy little thigh where there once was a drumstick! Ok, so, thank you Jen, Jolene, TJ, Joann, Miche, Helene, Jo, Rosemary, Jessica, Betsey, and all the rest of you who keep me in line... :-)


Testing, 1, 2, 3...


Just a quick test to see if the striations show. 3/14/02